Sunday, September 4, 2011

PBP event & Paris vacation pictures - Vol. One

Chris and I are notorious for taking our camera on vacation and then not taking any pictures.  We did take pictures while in France, but not as many as we should have. Here's the link to some of our better pictures.  Enjoy! 

We are connecting with some of our PBP friends who stayed with us at our hotel and they have some fabulous pictures that we will steal (I mean borrow) and share here on our blog.  We'll work on those next.

For every photo we took, we have a hundred technicolor memories.  PBP was, for us, a truly awesome experience. 

The feedback everyone has given us is tremendous.  To our family and friends, we thank you for all of your support during our PBP adventure 2011.  Who's with us for PBP 2015?!

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  1. I haven't read Chris' report yet but the pictures are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.