Thursday, September 1, 2011

Velonews article on PBP & some cool videos

Chris is almost done with his ride report and will post it tonight (that's his goal.).  In the meantime, you might enjoy reading this article on this year's PBP from Velonews.  Thanks to our new friend and fellow PBP rider, David Litt in Japan, who shared this link with us:  (I think there is one correction, though.  If I am doing the math correctly, 1200 kilometers is closer to 760 miles, not 746 miles, as mentioned in the article.  Still, more miles than the average person is willing to do!)

Also, another fellow rider whom we met at our hotel during the event, Jan Dembinski in Vermont, forwarded this link to some great videos.  All are in French, but the images need no translation:

Chris is editing his report now...hope to get that posted very soon. 

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